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Food Plot Considerations 

Location: The location of your plots can make the difference between success and failure.  We would be happy to meet with you at your property to discuss location of plots.  

What to plant:  This will be based on what you want from the plot.  It is a good idea to have food available year round in the same areas.  This will not only benefit the wildlife but also get them accustomed to feeding in that area year round.   

Seeds:  Some options are corn, soybeans clovers, wheat, rye, oats, turnips, rape, or radish.  We have a local source for Whitetail Inst Products and Real World Wildlife Seeds.  We also have local sources for bulk seeds which usually offer savings in price over many seed blends geared towards deer hunters at premium prices.  With corn or beans we need to get orders in around February to guarantee seed availability.  Some seeds will be available in the spring but selection can be limited at this time due to agricultural demands.

Fertilization and Lime:  We can get bagged 6-24-24 and 13-13-13 fertilizer.  Bulk mixtures are available also through local distributor.  We recommend a soil test be completed and amendments added per test results for maximum yield.  Lime should be added as early as possible.  We have local sources for pelletized lime and can get you in contact with distributor and/or business who spread Ag lime. We can get bulk urea, but again, need to contact distributors early to make sure the product will be available when needed due to agricultural demands.          

Screening:  Screening can be beneficial to you and the wildlife.  It can keep wildlife out of direct view of people from a road or provide you easier access getting to and from stands.  Screening is not always necessary but can be as simple as a 6 foot wide planting of tall grass.

NWSG:  Is your property lacking good cover?  We are able to plant CRP mixes and Native Warm Season Grasses which can add good cover quicker than tree plantings.  NWSG can provide primary or supplementary bedding cover beneficial to deer and other wild game species.

Herbicides: We are licensed to apply both restricted and non-restricted pesticides.  The State of Illinois requires anyone, other than property owners on their own property, applying even non-restricted chemicals such as Round Up to be licensed and insured applicator.  Click here or here to be redirected to verify our commercial applicator licenses.   Another window should open on the IL Dept of Agricultural website showing our license information.