Pike County Custom
  Food Plots

Complete Food Plot Service
       Pike County Illinois

Food Plot Services 

Mowing: 6 foot Bushhog Mower

Spraying: We are certified to apply both restricted and non-restricted chemicals in Illinois.  We have available a boom sprayer mounted on an ATV with foam markers and a 150 Gallon 3 point sprayer with GPS guidance for tractor.  

Tillage: We have a 6 foot roto tiller to prepare seedbed or conventional tillage with a 7.5 foot disk.

Planting: We will use a 6 foot no-till drill for a majority of seeding.  Our drill can be set up to also plant corn in wide rows.  We have a broadcast seeder available also for small seeds.  

Lime/Fertilizer Application: We can spread these with our PTO driven spreader With the exception of Ag Lime.  We will use Pelletized Lime.  We can provide contact information for local Ag Supply businesses for application of Ag Lime or bulk fertilizer.

Payment: Option available to pay by credit card.  Make sure to let us know if this will be your preferred method for payment. 

GPS: We have upgraded to using GPS for the growing year of 2013.  This will be used with most attachments and will provide accurate measurements such as total area. 

Maintenance Contract:  We are offering a seasonal maintenance agreement which would comprise us checking at least once a month on the status of your plots with photographs sent to your email.  If something is needed such as mowing or spraying the owner will be given the information regarding necessary actions.  If the customer is in agreement we will complete tasks and bill separately.     

Cost of Seed, Lime, Fertilizer, and any Chemicals are not included in our rates and the associated cost of these items will be forwarded to the customer.  Our rates are for equipment and operator only. We will provide customer with close rates as far as cost for amendments and seeds with a quote for service based on assumed number of hours required.  

Signed agreement and down payment must be received prior to work being started.  PCCFP will give notice of when we plan to be on your property to provide any service.   Photographs showing progress will be available and PCCFP will add utilization cages at our discretion or if requested by customer.   

Contact us for pricing information on our "Contact Us" page, email, or by phone.  Please leave 2 methods of contact in case of problems getting into contact with you through your preferred method.