Pike County Custom
  Food Plots

Complete Food Plot Service
       Pike County Illinois

Get to know Pike County Custom Food Plots 

Pike County Custom Food Plots was started by two brothers, Dan and Jeff, who grew up on a family farm in Pike County IL.   During their combined 60+ years of experience, the brothers grew up learning about working the land with equipment, planting, and growing crops.

The knowledge of planting and growing crops plus the added years of our own hunting experience will help guide you to a memorable hunting season.   

Let our experience and affordable rates work to your advantage. Equipment, Fertilizer, Seeds, and Lime are expensive.  While we can not control the cost of necessary supplies, we can offer affordable rates for equipment and experienced operators.  

Time, how much time would you be able to dedicate towards tilling, planting, and maintaining your plots?  How much would you spend making three or four trips to work on your plots?  This is where PCCFP is your valuable resource.  We can work around mother nature to get your choice of seeds in the ground and growing!  Without having the cost, maintenance, or transportation of large pieces of equipment you will be able to have a more enjoyable hunting season and attractive food plots.